Destiny Algo(rithm)

by Monolith Quant Research Inc.

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Helping you find your rhythm (in the market)

The What, the Who, and the How?

Starting with Why?
Having achieved accelerated success trading the market and then consulting in the industry for startups and exchanges, the founder of Destiny sought after the next challenge. Destiny started out as an idea, then a learning exercise, which quickly turned into a passion project, that transformed into a startup and finally a product and service with a vision. The vision is to empower and help aspiring traders around the world find their rhythm, in the market, by creating a community of like-minded traders with access to world class tools and education, backed by world class service. That is the vision, our mission and our why.

The What?
Destiny Algo(rithm) is an advanced trading tool and algorithm also known as a strategy indicator, powered by TradingView. The advanced algorithm is designed and coded by professional traders with the goal of assisting traders with their trading strategy and risk management. That is our product, however we like to accomplish things with a holistic approach, we will also provide you with world class education as a service to go along with the algorithm. This is accomplished through both of our premier academies: Trading Academy, and Crypto and Blockchain Academy, available for VIP members.

Key Features:

  • Destiny's proprietary and predictive algorithm highlights dynamic entry opportunities
  • Intelligent flat/sideways market detection, avoiding unfavorable market conditions
  • Adaptive algorithm calculates Take Profit and Stop Loss prices within user's min-max parameters
  • Sends alerts for: Entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit straight to your email
  • Access to TradingView's historical price simulated trading backtesting tool with comprehensive trade history report

Please keep in mind that Destiny Algo(rithm) is designed and most effective with longer timeframes, particularly between 2H - 6H bar intervals. As much as we all love to scalp on the lower timeframes if you are looking to scalp 5m intervals unfortunately this trading tool is not designed for that.

That is the What. Now the Who?
The advanced core algorithm utilized in Destiny Algo(rithm) is 100% original and proprietary, coded from scratch, based on intimate understanding of the market. There are many traders and many software developers in the world, but few can be called masters of their craft. However there are even fewer master traders who are masters in developing complex algorithms. We are subject matter experts of our field, solidified by professional experience consulting in the industry. That is who we are. We do not use MA crosses mashed up with other indicators and call it a day. We strive to empower our members and traders by providing a powerful and unique algorithm packaged in a neat and tidy strategy indicator powered by TradingView.

There we have the Who. Now the How?
VIP level member support via our private Discord community is included with your membership. We will hold your hand the entire way, from onboarding as a member to helping you find a tune you'll like on TradingView. Through both of our premier academies: Trading Academy, and Crypto and Blockchain Academy, we will provide regular one-on-one coaching and mentoring by industry subject matter experts on how to be a consistently profitable trader, along with valuable crypto and blockchain knowledge. Covering important topics such as Technical Analysis, Risk Management, Trading Psychology, Security, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, Blockchain Analysis and even Cryptocurrency Mining hardware setup. If our academies captures your attention, please select the VIP membership to gain access. Please note in order to get the most out of our product, Destiny Algo(rithm), access to custom time intervals is highly recommended which will require a separate subscription to TradingView's platform, otherwise TradingView's free tier will suffice. Use our referral link here to receive a credit from TradingView to use on their platform.

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And now we have the How (to find your rhythm).

Destiny Algo(rithm)